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Roll The Credits


U.S. Army


Penrose Hospitals
Memorial Hospitals
Americans With Disabilities Act
United States Olympic Committee

University Of Colorado
The Broadmoor Hotel
Garden Of The Gods
Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Goodwill Industries
The Navigators
Young Life
Compassion International
Focus on the Family
Junior Achievement

City of Colorado Springs
City Of Cripple Creek

Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Village Inn

Beech Craft
ATG Aircraft
Professional Bull Riders

and many other...

Projects and people I have worked with

Many years in this industry have allowed me to traveled extensively around the U.S. and Canada and South America, shooting a myriad of projects. I have also had the privilege of becoming friends with a lot of talented and creative people. This page contains some of the companies/people that I have worked with over the years. Any one of them will vouch my qualifications, character, and dependability. Please feel free to contact any of them for assurance that I am the right guy for your project.  


Renaissance Production Services has a proud history of working with local, national and international agencies on countless award winning projects. I have also had the privilege to work on many movies, several short independent films and other groundbreaking and rigorous jobs like…

Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, GMC, Chrysler, U.S. Air Force, Norad, City Of Cripple Creek, The City of Colorado Springs, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Village Inn, Sanyo, Beechcraft, Coleman, Brinkmann, The Broadmoor Hotel, Garden Of The Gods, University Of Colorado, (LOSE UCCS) Goodwill Industries, Pikes Peak Hill Climb, A.D.A. (Americans With Disabilities Act), Penrose and Memorial Hospitals, The Navigators, Young Life, Compassion International and many other companies/organizations, too numerous to list.
Referral: Angela Small

Renaissance Production Services is the first call every time for all our grip and lighting needs.  For the past six years Bret has been wonderful to work with, and the calm presence he brings to the set is priceless. When we book Renaissance we know we are getting beyond seasoned grip and gaff duties - Bret delivers fun, ingenuity, and creativity!  Bret is truly a master of the trade - helping to make a shoot move smooth, and brings a combination of hard work, optimism, and teamwork to the table.   One shoot with Renaissance and your hooked!

Angela Small
Joule Q, Inc

Referral: Ann Leopizzi
I have worked with Bret Wortley since 1996 and through all those years, he has always given his all on every shoot he is on.  Whether he is shooting, key gripping, gaffer, building sets, rigging,  using a jib he excels at everything he does.   He is responsible, dependable, always on time and works hard even after a 13 hour day.  I can honestly say, there have been times where I don't  know how I could have gotten through a project without his incredible expertise.
Ann Leopizzi
Windstar studios
Referral: David Hames

I can't say enough good things about Bret. His diverse experience, great attitude, and ability to solve problems with whatever gear is at hand make Bret the Swiss Army Knife of video production.

David Hames
Red balloon


Referral: Ken Riemer
Years of experience and a great network make Bret the go-to guy in Colorado.  Coming to the Colorado from Back East, I've counted on Bret time and again to put together all the necessary pieces of the production puzzle.  On shoots that were large and complicated with tight schedules, he's kept a cool head and a great attitude. He always pulls together a great crew and all the toys needed to make our production happen.  I wouldn't think of working in the Colorado area without Bret and his team.

Ken Riemer
Rochester NY

Referral: Kevin Emmons
Bret is reliable, hard-working, conscientious and has the best grip truck in Southern Colorado. I have used him on numerous commercials, promos and other film projects in many cities. His background is varied which allows him to work successfully in many departments.......a fine Gaffer,Key Grip, technician and rigger. and all around great guy.

Kevin Emmons,
Referral: Stephen Vidano

Bret Wortley brings 150% to the table.  Every time I work with him I know that I am getting more production value than I can "afford."  The key to Bret is that he's flexible and a problem solver.  When I have an issue on set that needs a solution, Bret figures it out.  He's an all-in-one package.  Key Grip, equipment, truck, crew resource...and "all-around good guy.

Stephen Vidano
Stephen Vidano Films


Referral: Bernie Murray
It is easy to recommend Bret Wortley and Renaissance Production Services. Reliable, prompt, reasonably priced and extremely responsive are just some adjectives that come to mind.  Bret is always thinking about how he might improve the shot, and he's not shy about telling you.  And he's usually right.  We are always better (and better off) with him on-set.  I wouldn't want to shoot without him.
Bernie Murray
Movin' Picture Studios
303-421-7943 (direct)
720-940-4913 (cell)
Referral: John Bourbonais

Renaissance Production Services has one of the most comprehensive 5 Ton Grip Trucks in Colorado.  From a 1200 to 12K, I know I will be totally covered.  Owner Bret Wortley is a hard working Key Grip who always works with me regarding price but never compromises on service.

John Bourbonais
Founder and President
Bourbon Street Productions

Referral: Naomi Lee
In an industry wrought with tempers, chaos, and too many things happening all at once, Bret is a steady character on set who is always there when I needed him, and often before I even knew what I needed.  He always shows up on time, with a calm grin, and a ready work ethic.  Plus, he never gets lost, which has really come in handy on the remote locations where we tend to find ourselves.  I’ve worked with him for a half dozen years and yet never cease to be calmed by his gentle spirit and awed by his balanced workflow.

Naomi Lee 
IMS productions